Cashmere & Suede

Enjoy the Indian Summer wrapped in the coziest
cashmere and softest suede!
All our cashmere and suede accessories are of high-grade materials (100%cashmere, 100% suede leather) and come in one size.

The TriangleAffair is a big knitted shawl made out of 100% cashmere with hand knotted suede fringes.


The LightBreeze is a high-quality shawl made out of 100% Cashmere. Its wide-meshed material is ideal for all seasons.


The FringeCocoon is a triangle suede shawl with hand knotted fringes.

FringeCocoon Bloom

The FringeCocoon Flower is a triangle suede shawl with an intricate flower design cut-out and suede fringes.

Petite Signature

The FringeCocoon Petite Signature is a triangle suede shawl with partial De Marquet emblem pattern and hand knotted fringes.

FringeCocoon Patchwork

The FringeCocoon Patchwork is a bicolor triangle suede shawl with suede fringes.